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When A Room Is More Than A Rectangle

Not all rooms are created equal. Yet they have the same basic structure. There is a floor, there are walls and there are apertures which allow light in.

What makes the difference between a box and an elegant salon is what happens next.

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A floor could be simply poured concrete but even concrete can be polished and buffed to shine and be interesting – if a little cold. Talented personal interiors toronto on designers will look at different materials to create an effect. In hot or warm climates they might consider tile or ceramics. In a cold climate, cork could be considered for a kitchen floor. The kitchen floor takes a beating from traffic and food preparation, but it still needs to be warm.


In most homes, there is a layer of insulation between the base construction material over which someone has installed drywall to create a nice smooth finish. But there could be so much more. Wallpapers can evoke different feelings, or add texture. Finished brickwork can look warm and inviting and even polished.


No matter how much natural light comes into a room, it will need added light. Lights can be 100% functional – strip lighting. Or lighting can be used to enhance mood and continue to create the feel of the room as a whole.

Fabrics and Upholstery

Of course, the furniture makes the room what it is… add a dining table and chairs and the room is now a dining room. Add a comfy sofa and a TV and the room becomes more of a den. The fabric and style really make a difference to the final look.

Design pulls together all of these elements, it creates a whole which is greater than the sum of parts.